Lesson Fee:

Students are to be charged 3,000 yen per hour for private lessons. The Instructor will receive tuition fees directly from the students after each lesson. This fee is non-negotiable.


Instructor's Home: Instructors are asked to meet the student at the train station and show them the way to their home for at least the first meeting.

Cafes: Please make sure the cafe you choose is quiet enough for the student to be able to concentrate on their lessons. Students and instructors are required to pay for their own drinks.

Transportation Cost:

Instructors are asked to pay for their own transportation to and from the cafe. At all times possible, the student will be asked to travel as far as they are willing to travel and the instructor will meet them there, minimizing the instructor's travel time and expense.

Cancellation Policy:

Instructors are required to give the student a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lesson. If the instructor is unable to give 24 hours notice, the following lesson shall be taught at half price or for an additional 30 minutes at no charge. Students are also required to give the instructor a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lesson. If the student fails to give the instructor 24 hours notice, the student is required to pay for the cancelled lesson in full, payable at the next scheduled lesson.

No-Show Policy:

Instructors, who fail to attend a lesson without contacting the student directly, will be required to teach the following scheduled lesson at no charge. Students, who fail to attend a lesson without contacting the instructor directly, will be required to pay for the lesson in full, at the following scheduled lesson.

Lateness Policy:

Lateness is not tolerated at 7ACT. The instructor is expected to be on time for all lessons. If an instructor is late by more than 5 minutes, they are expected to teach that lesson at half price. Students, who are late for a lesson, must still pay the full lesson fee. Instructors are not required to make up the lost time.


Note: Regular lateness, no-show and/or cancellations may lead to termination of the instructor's contract and loss of all students.

Lesson Payment and Scheduling Policy:

Instructors will be responsible for collection of all lesson and cancellation fees. Scheduling and rescheduling of classes are the responsibility of the instructor and the student. 7ACT will not be able to accept any responsibility for non-payment of lessons, accumulated cancellation fees or scheduling of lessons. All instructors will be expected to pursue any payment or scheduling issues on their own. If there are continual troubles with a student, please contact 7ACT.


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