Why do we interview instructors?

We interview all instructors to ensure that our students receive lessons that are worthwhile regarding their time and monetary investments. We also like to make sure potential instructors are cooperative, interested in self-improvement, have sufficient teaching skills and have the personality and attitude we, and our customers, are looking for. Instructors must have a positive attitude towards Japan, and Japanese people.

What are the lesson rates?

The lesson fee is 3000 yen per hour for a private lesson. This amount is not negotiable. The 7ACT system does not have semi-private lessons.

How do I get paid?

7ACT students pay directly after each lesson. Bulk payments at the beginning or the end of the month are not allowed.

What do I do about tax?

Instructors are required by Japanese law to pay tax on all their income, but the amount depends on many variables. Instructors are responsible for filing their own tax documents, and are advised to keep a record of their income and consult a taxation specialist.

Am I required to give receipts?

If a student requires receipts, we ask them to buy the receipt book and take it to lessons for the instructor to sign. Instructors are required by Japanese law to supply students with receipts when requested, but instructors are also advised to keep them for taxation purposes.

Does 7ACT have a dress code?

7ACT does not have a strict dress code. We ask that instructors wear neat, casual dress. Suits can be a little intimidating for certain students, and are definitely not required.

Who buys the textbooks?

Students will buy their own textbooks at the instructor or 7ACT's recommendation. They are only required to buy their own copy. If instructors would like a copy, they have to buy it themselves. Please be careful not to ask students to buy unnecessary or overly expensive textbooks. For Instructors, investing in a few books is an excellent idea as most students are low to intermediate level and generally can study similar material. Inexpensive, used texts can often be found in used bookstores. Also, students who use a text tend to study for a longer period of time and take fewer breaks so it is a worthwhile investment.

What do I do if I can't continue teaching a student?

You are contractually obligated to give 7ACT a notice of at least 30 days if you are unable to continue to teach a student. Depending on the circumstances, this may be overlooked, but as it takes a few weeks or more to reallocate students, the more notice that can be given, the better. The Instructor can continue teaching their student up to the last day they are able even after a replacement instructor has been located and assigned.

How many students can I expect?

There are so many variables to take into account that this is virtually impossible to accurately predict. Demand and supply of instructors, location, schedule, sex, age, nationality, personality, professionalism, teaching ability, history of complaints and/or commendation, performance, education, special skills, Japanese ability, experience, quality of monthly reports, stability, visa status, reliability, and willingness to follow policies and systems are but a few of these variables. The best instructors will be prioritized for introductions.

Do I get paid for trial lessons?

Trial lessons are an investment of the instructor and 7ACT 's time. There is no payment, but most trial lessons are successful, so they are in everyone's best interest. Trial lessons are 30 minutes long.

Are instructors employees of 7ACT?

No. Instructors are registered with 7ACT, and have a registration contract with requirements that must be fulfilled for the contract to remain valid, but instructors are not employees and should consider themselves subcontracted to our students.

Will I be required to travel?

No. Instructors specify where they are willing to travel to for lessons at their own expense. Obviously instructors who are able to travel have access to more students.

What should I do if I have to cancel a lesson?

The student should be contacted directly by telephone at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time.

What should I do if I have a problem with a student?

Please contact the 7ACT office as soon as possible to discuss ways that we can find a solution that will benefit all parties.

Can 7ACT sponsor my visa?

Sorry. As 7ACT does not employee instructors in the traditional sense, we are not able to assist with visa sponsorship.

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