Student Introductions:

We do our best so that every instructor has opportunities to meet students as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we have no control over when or where students will want to take lessons, so there is a possibility that an instructor may be required to wait some time for an introduction. The number of students that we can introduce to an instructor is dependent on a number of criteria, including location, schedule, work history, specialty fields and more. When a potential student registers for a trial lesson, or an existing student is in need of a new instructor, 7ACT contacts instructors who meet the criteria.
As several instructors fitting the criteria are generally contacted, instructors should respond to messages ASAP but within 24 hours at the very latest.

When a student is introduced, they expect to continue with the instructor for at least a six-month period. If you do not think you will be able to teach the student for a minimum of six months, please notify us before the trial lesson.

Note: 7ACT prohibits the soliciting of potential, current or prior 7ACT students by any registered instructor of 7ACT. Soliciting of a student will result in termination of the instructor's contract and the loss of all 7ACT students.

Introduction Process for Prospective Students:

Upon receiving an application, 7ACT evaluates the application, determines if the student is motivated and would benefit from our service, then starts the instructor selection process. A FREE, maximum 30-minute, trial lesson is scheduled and a 7ACT sales staff member accompanies the prospective student to the trial lesson. Before the trial lesson the sales staff member gives the student a thorough explanation of our two programs and confirms the student's needs. They will usually arrive one hour earlier than the instructor. After the trial lesson, the 7ACT staff member will continue the sales process with the student, so be careful to keep your trial lesson to a maximum of 30 minutes. Going over-time will cause scheduling problems. This process may change depending on the specific situation.

After the trial lesson a tentative first, and perhaps regular, lesson schedule is set so instructors are not to schedule anything else in that agreed upon schedule time until after the student has decided whether to join or not.

Note: As these students are not yet 7ACT members, they do not exchange contact details with instructors. Generally, within a week of the trial lesson, the sales staff member will notify you whether or not the student will commence with lessons.

For students that join 7ACT, paperwork needs to be processed, which could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. After the paperwork has been processed, the sales staff member will confirm the first lesson's details with the instructor. At that time, the instructor will be given the customer's contact details. The Instructor is advised to send an email (or call) welcoming the student, and re-confirm the place, time, curriculum, etc., of the next lesson. The Instructor and student are responsible for ALL later scheduling matters.

Note: After the student has become a 7ACT member and regular lessons are taking place, the instructor contact at 7ACT shifts from the sales staff member to the Matching staff member(s).

Introduction Process for Existing Students:

Occasionally, existing students require a new instructor. After evaluating the student's request a Matching Staff member will start the instructor selection process. A FREE 30-minute trial lesson is scheduled, WITHOUT a staff member present. Certain customers may decide on the spot that they wish to study with the instructor and may wish to exchange contact details (phone, email, cell phone messaging details, etc.,) and organize a lesson schedule and curriculum. Some customers may NOT wish to exchange contact details. They may also NOT wish to organize a lesson schedule until AFTER discussing the situation with a 7ACT Matching Staff member. Please leave this up to the student. However, if they do not take the initiative, ask if they would like to discuss the situation with a 7ACT Matching Staff member before deciding. In either case, instructors are required to contact a 7ACT Matching Staff member to report the results of the Trial Lesson as soon as possible after the trial lesson. If the customer decides to not organize a lesson schedule after the trial lesson, as soon as 7ACT discusses the situation with the student, the instructor will be notified whether or not the student wishes to study with the instructor, and, if so, the next lesson schedule will be confirmed. At that time the instructor will be given the customer's contact details. If the student chooses to study with the instructor, the instructor is advised to email (or call) the student, thank them and re-confirm the place, time, etc., of the next lesson. The Instructor and student are responsible for ALL later scheduling matters.

Introduction Process for Substitution Lessons:

If an instructor is taking a holiday of more than 30 days, students are entitled to a substitute teacher, if they wish. Please advise the student to contact 7ACT if they would like to discuss arranging a substitute. After the application has been received by the Matching Staff, an instructor will be selected. An initial, paid 60-minute lesson with the student will be scheduled WITHOUT a staff member present and the instructor will be informed. With substitutions, there are no free trial lessons. The Matching Staff will try to provide an approximate English level and the presently studied curriculum. After the first lesson, remember to contact 7ACT to let them know the lesson took place. Because of privacy concerns, students may NOT wish to exchange all or any of their contact details. Please be aware of this and discuss the situation with 7ACT staff, if necessary.


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