7ACT Plans

The Support Plan:

The Support Plan is designed to provide both the student and instructor as much support as possible to assist the student in achieving their goals.

Support Plan students select a specific goal that they wish to achieve within a determined time period. Students have counseling, generally after 2 or 3 lessons have been taken, to ensure they are on the right track to achieve their goals.

At the counseling session, an independent company (Versant) tests their current English ability and a 7ACT counselor, along with the student, decides which skills they need to improve to achieve their goals. They then create a customized home study plan. The plan generally consists of study advice, support materials, etc. This information is shared with instructors and instructors are asked to support the plan to the best of their ability.

Students have the option to purchase additional counseling sessions. In any follow-up counseling sessions, the Counselor meets with the student to listen to any concerns, ideas or changes that may have surfaced. Based on this counseling and the instructor's feedback, they may revise the lesson curriculum and the home study plan that complements it. This is then to be followed by the student and instructor, until the next counseling session.

Support Plan students may also choose to subscribe to the iKnow online English learning system.  

Support Plan students' progress is closely monitored, as this is an important factor in the development of their English skills and in assisting them to achieve their goals. If sufficient progress has not been made, 7ACT, in consultation with the student and instructor, will try to ascertain the reason, and take proper action.

Support Plan Curriculum Sample

Versant English Test Validation

The Lesson Only Plan:

Students undertake lessons only. There is no home study plan or counseling provided for Lesson Only students. The student and instructor have the freedom to choose the lesson style and curriculum. Instructors are asked to identify the needs and goals of their students, and then organize a general lesson style and curriculum for the student. Using a textbook or printed material is strongly recommended. Students generally attend regularly and for an extended time lessons that follow a curriculum and that provide written feedback, rather than just conversation-style lessons.

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