Michihiro Kawaguchi


Foreign Personnel Manager

Welcome to 7ACT

7ACT provides English language teaching jobs in Japan for qualified individuals. We specialize in one-on-one lessons and sometimes also have corporate teaching opportunities.

7ACT is currently recruiting experienced NATIVE English instructors to teach part-time on weekday evenings or weekends at their home, office or a cafe for 3,000 yen per hour.

Successful applicants must be NATIVE-LEVEL English speakers, and have at least 6 months teaching experience in Japan. A valid work visa and a 4-year university degree is required. 7ACT DOES NOT register applicants with any of the following statuses of residence: Visitor (Tourist), Working-holiday, SOFA, Cultural Activities, College / Precollege Student, and Trainee.

7ACT is designed to be a supplement to a regular income rather than a substitute for one, and is perfect for instructors who are seeking one to ten students per week.

Thank you for your interest in 7ACT!

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