Survival Japanese: Getting movie tickets

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Watching movies in Japan is expensive. The good thing is, many of the theaters these days have 指定席 'shi tei seki' (reserved seating).
Still, in order to get a good seat, you should come in advance with plenty of money.Getting a ticket at a theater

すみません、19:50 (じゅうくじ:ごじゅっぷん)からのJussaric Park IV のチケットまだありますか。
Sumimasen, 19:50 (jukuji:gojuppun) kara no Jussaric Park IV no chiketto ni mai mada arimasuka?
Excuse me, are tickets still available for the 19:50 (showing <implied>) of Jussaric ParkIV?

Sodesune, imanotokoro wa mada daijiyobu desu. kono zu kara seki wo kimeraremasuga.
Let's see, it seems to be OK now. You can choose your seating placement from this chart.

Jya, ushiro no hou de onegaishimasu.
Well, I would like a seat in the back then.

Nan mai ni shimasuka?
How many tickets will that be?

Ni mai desu.
Two tickets.

ありがとうございます。二人で3,600 (さんぜんろっぴゃく)円になります。
Arigatou gozaimasu. Futari de 3,600 sanzen roppyaku en ni narimasu.
Thank you. That will be 3,600 yen for two.

When referring to tickets, paper, or things that are generally thin, the counter 枚 'mai' is used.

For instance
一枚 ichi mai 1
二枚 ni mai 2
三枚 san mai 3
四枚 yon mai 4
五枚 go mai 5
六枚 roku mai 6
七枚 na na mai 7
八枚 hachi mai 8
九枚 kyu mai 9
十枚 ju mai 10

Also, when the ticket sales person asks where you would like to sit, you can use the directional 方 ’hou'

For instance
前の方 mae no hou In the front
後ろの方 ushiro no hou In the back
右の方 migi no hou On the right
左の方 hidari no hou On the left
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