Survival Japanese: Lost & Found

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What to do after leaving something on the train.
In most stations, there is a lost and find office. Approach anyone in a uniform and ask

Ishitsubutsu toriatsukaisho wa doko desu ka?
(Where is the lost and found office?)

Understanding the reply will probably be a little difficult, but you should be able to understand the general direction purely by body language. The next stage is to explain your situation and ask if the object has been found.

Densha no naka de________o wasurete shimaimashita ga, kochira ni arimasu ka?
(I left my______on the train. Has it been handed in?)

Keys kagi カギ
Wallet/purse saifu 財布
Bag kaban かばん
Umbrella kasa
Mobile phone keitai denwa 携帯電話
Baby akachan 赤ちゃん

Invariably, you will be asked for a description of the lost item and asked which train and when you lost it. These questions may sound like the following.

Dou iu_________deshita ka?
(What kind of_______was it?)

Desha wa nani sen deshita ka? Dochira houmen desu ka?
(Which line was it? Which direction was the train heading?)

Itsu nakushita n desu ka?
(When did you lose it?)

Answer the first question with the following adjectives. Don't worry so much about grammar, they should understand.
Black kuroi 黒い
White shiroi 白い
Brown chairo 茶色
Blue aoi 青い
Red akai 赤い
Green midori
Leather kawa
Big ookii 大きい
Small chiisai 小さい

___sen de, ________houmen deshita.
It was_______line, heading towards_______.

___mae nakushimashita.
I lost ______ago.

5 mins go fun 5分
10 mins ju ppun 10分
1 hour ichi jikan 1時間
3 days mikka 3日

Next, they often point to a phone number on a brochure and ask you to call other stations. If you don't have anyone who can help you, ask them to call.

Kawari ni denwa shite itadakemasen ka?
(You couldn't call for me, could you?)

And finally, if the lost object has been found they will say
有りました。Or 見つかりました。
Arimashita. Or Mitsukarimashita.

If it has not yet been located, they will most likely reply with
ない。Or 見つかっていません。
Nai. Or Mitsukatteimasen.

頑張ってください!Good luck!
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