Survival Japanese: Asking your boss for a Holiday

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Since your vacations are coming up soon, it might be a good idea to ask the old boss for a couple of days off. Hopefully, he/she will be gracious enough to you a 有給休暇 (yuu kyuu kyuu ka)/paid holiday). If are unsuccessful, your boss might make you work extra and then take a 代休日 (daikyuubi/substitute holiday).

Here is a couple of ways to ask for some time off:


Ano, chotto sumimasen, kondo no nichi/getsu/ka/sui/moku/kin/do youbi ni oyasumi o itadakitaindesuga.

Um, excuse me, I would like to take a day off next sun/mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat.


Souka, shigoto no hou wa daijohbu ka?

I see, how about your work? (Is everything ok with your work load?)


Chotto okikishitain desuga, nenmatsu made no kyuuka wa mada tsukattenain desuga, dekireba tsukaitain desukedo. Dou sureba iin desuka?

I would like to ask... Actually, I haven't used all my paid holidays (that are good until the end of the year), and would like to use them if possible.What should I do?


Senshu no nichi/getsu/ka/sui/moku/kin/do youbi ni shukkin shitan desu kedo. Dekireba, kondo no nichi/getsu/ka/sui/moku/kin/do youbi ni daikyuubi o itadakitain desu.

I worked last sun/mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat and, if possible, would like to take next sun/mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat off in return.



kono aida, yasumi ni shukkin shitan desu kedo. Dekireba sono bun o kondo no nichi/getsu/ka/sui/moku/kin/do youbi ni furikaetain desu. Daijoubu desuka?

Recently, I came into work on a holiday and was wondering if it is OK to take next would next sun/mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat off in return.
A normal weekend or national holiday (days that you will not receive a salary) are usually referred to as 休日 (Kyuujitsu) or お休みの日 (oyasuminohi).

Bonus Vocabulary
salary kyuuryo 給料
salary is cut kyuuryo o hiku 給料を引く
Winter bonus fuyu no bounasu 冬のボーナース
President shya cho 社長
Department chief bu chou 部長
Section chief ka chou 課長
Principal kou chou 校長
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