Survival Japanese: Making decisions

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If you've ever gone shopping in Japan, you may have had trouble telling the clerk that you want something.

It is pretty simple to just point and say "kore" (this). But you may end up looking like a monkey reaching for bananas.

To further enhance your ability to ask for something, please refer to the following:

・Sumimasen, ichiou kore mo hoshi desukedo, hoka no iro tte arimasuka?
・Excuse me, I'm thinking about something like this here but do you have it in another color?

・Moshiwake arimasen, zaiko wa kochira nomi to narimasu.
・I'm terribly sorry, this is the only one in stock.

・Soudesuka, wakarimashita. Jya, kore de onegaishimasu.
・Is that so, I understand then. Well, I will take this then.

1. 一応 (ichiou) <Perhaps, about, approx.>
is often used when referring to an unconfirmed action. For the above example,
it is used to imply that you are thinking about this product but.....

・Ichio go mei desu.
・Well, about 5 people

Q: Are you dating her? 
A: 一応そうです。(Ichiou desu). <well you can say that>

2. 他 (hoka) <Also pronounced as 'ta'; other>
is used frequently when asking for another option.

Hoka ni arimasuka?
Are there others/(Do you have) another one/type?

3. 在庫 (zaiko) <Stock/In stock>
Is used quite often when asking if there is a product available.
(Separately, 'zai' means present/available and 'kou' means where house).

Zaiko(ha) arimasuka?
Is this available/do you have this in stock?

4. じゃあ、<Jya> (Well)
is used when you are ready to purchase or decide on a specific product.

Jya, kore de
Well, this (one) then.

Other ways to say じゃあ:
そしたら  Soshitara
ほんなら  Honnara(Kansai dialect)
ほいじゃあ  Hoijya(Used among friends only!)

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