Survival Japanese: Getting a mobile phone

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Getting a cell phone

This can be a tricky one and will require a rather large vocab. base for success.
Luckily, many cell shops have English speaking employees that are keen on using their English on you... Let's not give them the satisfaction:

Them: いらっしゃいませ。
Irrashai mase

Ano, keitai denwa o moushikomitai desukedo.
Well, I would like to sign up for a cell phone.

Them: かしこまりました。お客様,今日は (1 or 2 or 3) をおもちでしょうか?
Kashikomarimashita. Okyakusama, kyo wa (1 or 2 or 3) o omochi deshoka?
OK. Have you (customer) brought (1 or 2 or 3) today.

1. Gaikokujin touroku shoume sho
1. Alien Registration Card

2. Ginkou tsuchou
2. Bank Book

3. Hanko/Inkan
3. Official Stamp

Here you are.

Dewa, osuki na kishu o eranndekara, kore o gokinyu kudasai.
Then, please fill this out after you have found the model you like.

You: はい。じゃあ、これおねがいします。
hai jya,kore onegaishimasu.
Ok, well, this please.

Them: オプショナル留守番サービスをつけますか?
Opshonaru rusu ban sabisu o tsukemasuka?
Would you like to add the optional answering service?

Ato de tsuketemoii desuka?
Can I add it later on?

Them: いいですよ
Ii desuyo
It's ok

You: Cool

When getting a cell phone, the general process goes as follows:
1. Go in the shop and look for the phone you like.

2. Fill out the necessary forms for that phone
(make SURE you bring the
A foreign registration card,
B your bank book (the phone bill will automatically be deducted from it), and
C the official stamp (hanko/inkan) you used when you made the bank account.

3. Pay for the phone (if there is an initial fee).

4. Wait 30-60 minutes for the staff to set up the number for you.

5. Take your home phone and set up the mail account.
You will usually get charge a service fee (for setting the phone up) included in your first bill.

Happy shopping!

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