Survival Japanese: Bicycle Lost & Found

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It's funny, when you are having a really bad day here, the day might get even worse when you find your bike missing from the station where you parked it.

Don't be too worried though, you bike was probably not stolen,but taken to a "自転車保管場所” (jitensha hokan basho) to temporarily store your bike. To get it back, you generally have to pay a small fee and actually go to pick it up yourself! If that is the case, please make sure to go to the detention center during business hours "返還時間”(henkan jikan). The business hours should be posted near the station.

But if you are lucky, you might catch them in the act of taking your bike. If that happens, just speak English to them really quickly
and take back you bike....If not:

You: すみません、自転車保管場所はどこですか?
You: Sumimasen, jitensha hokan basho wa doko desuka?
Excuse me, where is the bicycle detention area?
(At the bicycle detention center)

You: すみません、この間、( )駅に置いた自転車が取られました。
You: Sumimasen, kono aida, ( ) eki ni ooita jitensha ga toraremashita.
Excuse me, my bicycle was recently taken from ( ) station.

Them: この中にありますか?
Them: Kono naka ni arimasuka?
Is it among these?

You: ありゃま、あそこの黄色いやつ。
You: Ariyama, asoko no kiroii yatsu.
   Well, what do you know, it is that yellow one over there.
Them: わかりました。移送保管料が1,500円になります。
Them: Wakarimashita. Isou hokan ryou ga sen go hyaku en ni narimasu.
Gottcha. There is a transfer and detention fee of 1,500 yen.

You: 高い!
You: Takai!

自転車保管場所 jitensha hokan basho Bicycle detention area/center
置く⇒置いた Oku ⇒ Oiita Place/leave/park ⇒ Placed/left/parked
"置く" Is quite the versatile verb. It can be used when you place something on a table, or park your car somewhere.
あそこ ⇒ ここ ⇒ そこ Asoko⇒koko⇒soko Over there. ⇒ here ⇒there
やつ Yatsu That one.
"やつ" is an interesting word. It is often used when referring to inanimate objects. But it can be used to refer to a person too.
(Usually when you are peeved at someone). "あのやつ!”ano yatsu! ⇒ That darn guy!

Bonus Vocabulary
放置禁止区域 Houchi kinshi kuiki Illegal parking area
自転車駐車場 Jitensha chusha jou Bicycle parking
駐輪場 Chu rin jou. Parking area.
原付 Gentsuki Scooter
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