Survival Japanese: Getting a haircut

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It is quite difficult to get a decent hair cut in Japan. If you play your cards right, you could end up looking like a beauty queen. If you are unlucky, you might end up like a monk.
I've had my share of monk style hair cuts...

When you get a hair cut in Japan, the word 重い-omoi (heavy) is often used. In English we might say, my hair is a bit thick, or full. In Japanese ちょっと髪が重い chotto kami ga omoi.

kyou wa dou shimashouka
How shall we cut your hair today?


doko ga omoi desu ka.
Where is your hair heavy? (full)

Parts of the head
side burns
momiage もみ上げ
Hairline at the back of neck eri ashi えりあし
Bangs/fringe maegami 前髪
Split ends eda ge

Hair styles
Standard Perm
pama パーマ
Perm with curls (side burns are curled) tatemaki たてまき
Perm with bobs uchimaki うちまき
Waves uebu
Feather/lighten (men) kari age かりあげ
Monk style
marubozu 丸坊主
Sporty style (Generally using an electric razor) supoutsu gari スポーツ刈り
Electric razor barikann バリカン
Thinning shears sukibasami すきばさみ

To cut

kyou wa zenntai wo sukkiri sasetai desu.
I want it trimmed overall.

To cut means '切る' (kiru).

For instance:

___を 切ってください
___wo kittekudasai.
Please cut_______.

前髪 を 切ってください
maegami wo kittekudasai
Please cut my bangs/fringe

maegami ga nagai kara, kitte kudasai.
Please cut my bangs/fringe because they are long

maegami wa so no mama de ii desu.
Please leave my bangs/fringe as they are

barikan wo tsukatte, eriashi wo kitte kudasai.
I want you to use the electric shaver to trim the back of my neck

suki basami wo tsukkate, zenntai wo suite kudasai.
I want you to use the thinning shears to thin out my hair overall.

mijikaku kirisugita!
You've cut my hair too short!

Asking for a certain style
When asking for a certain style, simple is best.

___で お願いします。
___de onegai shimasu.


kariage de onegai shimasu.
I want my hair feathered

supotsu gari de onegai shimasu.
I want a buzz cut.

uebu pama de onegai shimasu.
I want a wave perm.

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